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Plantar calluses, or calluses that develop on your feet, can be warning signs that the skin on your feet is irritated from friction, which can increase your risk of infection. If you have calluses, Waldemar Majdanski, DPM, FACFAS, and the team of expert podiatrists at Local Foot Doc can help. For your convenience, Local Foot Doc has two offices in Brooklyn and locations in the Queens neighborhoods of Woodhaven, Forest Hills, and Astoria. The dedicated podiatry team offers in-office callus removal treatments, so you can restore your healthier feet. Learn more by booking an exam online or by calling any location directly.

Calluses Q & A

What causes calluses?

Calluses — thickened patches of skin — form as your skin’s way of protecting itself from irritating friction and rubbing. You can develop calluses anywhere on your feet, although they usually occur in weight-bearing areas, like your heels. Calluses can form due to:

  • Poor circulation issues
  • Wearing snug or ill-fitting shoes
  • Bone deformities, including bunions
  • Participating in sporting or exercise activities

Your risk of struggling with bunions is also high if you have diabetes, since this chronic condition increases your likelihood of having decreased circulation and overly dry skin on your feet.

Do I need to see a podiatrist for calluses?

Yes. Because calluses are a telltale sign that your skin is trying to protect itself, you need a comprehensive evaluation to get to the root of why you’re developing calluses. The top-rated podiatrists at Local Foot Doc encourage you to come in for a foot evaluation if your calluses are:

  • Oozing, cracking, or bleeding
  • Causing pain or discomfort
  • Getting worse

It’s also important to have a comprehensive podiatric exam at Local Foot Doc if your calluses are starting to affect your daily activities. 

What is the treatment for calluses?

Calluses are never something you should try to remove on your own. The skin on your feet is prone to infection and slow-healing wounds, just because of the decrease in blood circulation due to your feet being so far away from your heart. These concerns are amplified if you have underlying health issues, like diabetes.

The podiatry team at Local Foot Doc evaluates your feet and talks with you about your health history. Depending on the severity of your calluses, your podiatrist may:

  • Apply a clinical-strength salicylic acid solution to soften your calluses
  • File your calluses with a pumice stone or abrasive tool
  • Remove your calluses with a scalpel

Your dedicated podiatrist at Local Foot Doc even talks with you about your footwear. They may encourage you to insert specialized padding or custom orthotics into your shoes to prevent further issues with calluses. 

Book your callus evaluation at Local Foot Doc today. Click on the online booking feature or call any office to speak with a team member.